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Worldwide HIV Testing - Easy and private

Kits for HIV Home Testing

HIV Testing for home use

Easy and private! 

We offer two types of HIV tests: The Ora Quick HIV saliva test, and the iCare HIV rapid test. Both tests are high quality and approved and recommended by USAID.


  • The best HIV tests on the market
  • FDA and USAID approved
  • Fast and discreet delivery
  • Privacy Guaranteed

High quality HIV testing products for home use.

Our HIV and STD test products are very reliable and sensitive. The USAID approves, and even recommends the tests. With a 99.8 % sensitivity result, these tests have proven to be the best on the market. The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses the exact same tests.

Discretion and privacy

Our HIV and STD tests are shipped in discreet white packages that fit your mailbox. The outside of the package will not mention anything related to the content of the package. 
Also payments are completely discreet. Payments will show no details about the product.
Privacy is 100 % guranteed. 

Two different HIV tests

Our website offers two types of high quality HIV tests. 

1  The Ora Quick oral HIV test, by Ora Sure Technologies. This test uses a sample of saliva to detect HIV antibodies. The Ora Quick HIV test is very easy to use, and very reliable.  

2 The iCare HIV test, by JAL Innovations. This test uses a drop of blood to detect HIV antibodies. A very sensitive and reliable HIV testing product.

Testing for HIV has become top priority in the struggle to stop the spread of HIV/ AIDS. Many persons who are infected with HIV are unaware of the infection. People infect their partners unknowingly. An important tool to prevent infecting unknowing partners is frequent HIV testing. We promote frequent testing for HIV by offering anonymous HIV tests for home use. These tests are very reliable. If you are unsure about your HIV status; test yourself as soon as possible.